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Universal Enigma

Equal parts science fiction and mystery exemplified by Nebula-nominated tales by  Jack McDevitt and Stanley Schmidt, and Fantasy & Science Fiction author Ken Altabef.

Featuring Vincent L. Scarsella and Elizabeth Hosang.







Wharf SinisterWharf Sinister Cover Image

It’s in the middle of the American Civil War that Rachel Mundy, who has already lost much in the fighting, finds herself leaving her small town of Glens Falls to travel to the crowded streets of New York City where she plans to accept a position as a governess and hopefully leave behind old wounds. Her new employer, Mr. Gilbert, his sickly wife, Claudia, and their spirited son, Fred, immediately capture her sympathy and heart. But not everything is as it seems. Though Rachel’s only wish is to do her job, she finds herself drawn into a dangerous web of lies and accusations that threaten her very safety. Can she trust Fred, who tells her that Gilbert is not his father, and that he hides a most terrible secret in the depths of the cellar? Can she resist Gilbert himself, who both excites and scares her, drawn as she is to him and the love he promises her? And when the time comes, can she decide who to trust when it matters most? The perilous secrets which Rachel uncovers and who she puts her faith in will decide her fate. If she remains her very life may be in danger.


McKenna-COVERTESTMacKenna’s Piece

The Time: 1950, at the beginning of the Korean War. The Place: Fort Bliss Texas where the 245th Infantry Battalion, a National Guard Unit, is sent to train before being deployed to Korea. The Problem: Private John Gault MacKenna is actually a full colonel in the Army’s Criminal Investigation Department. sent to investigate a shylocking operation. He quickly discovers the 245th is like no other army unit. It is in fact a big club whose members have ties to the Mafia. His presence activates old feuds, new romances and a host of impossibly wild events that will bring a smile and laughter to anyone who has served or is serving the United States Army.



Mass fMass_For_A_Dead_Witch_covertestor a Dead Witch

Agnes Fillmore is a strong-willed and intelligent woman in an age when society does not exactly smile upon such traits who spends her days at the British Museum, studying the excavation of Troy. She soon discovers the Museum offers more than ancient texts, however. When she is approached by the suave and seductive Cory Williams, Agnes finds herself falling for him, and nothing, not even her terrifying nightmare-visions of a demon lover and her family’s warnings can keep her from him. One by one, her family members die off, leaving Agnes with no one except Cory himself. As her nightmares become more intense, Cory reveals that he, too, is plagued by the hellish visions. In an attempt to salvage their sanity, Agnes seeks the help of a psychiatrist. Cory’s undeniable displeasure with her wellness begins to sway the Doctor into contemplating a more insidious truth: Perhaps Cory Williams is not what he appears to be…



Ancient of Days

Six Weeks on The New York Post Bestseller List!
The dramatic sweep of THE ANCIENT OF DAYS brings to life the story of mankind on the cusp of civilization, and how one man, Ronstrom the Builder, made it happen. It’s a story of magic, miracles, violence and passion; of self-sacrifice and challenge.

It’s the story of how we became human with the ability to love and build, to leave our mark, so those who followed would know the miracle of Stonehenge, and what it means.

Irving A. Greenfield is the highly acclaimed author of over 300 novels, including TAGGET, the basis for the movie starring Daniel J. Travanti.

ANCIENT OF DAYS swept to prominence with favorable comparisons to Sir Arthur C. Clarke’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, and some critics have said it blazed the trail for Jean M. Auel’s phenomenon Clan of the Cave Bear.

Print Edition | Kindle Edition

beyond valorBeyond Valor

Based on true situations and elements in World War II Italy, a U.S. soldier’s daring attempt to break out and rescue 300 souls from a Nazi death camp during wartime against the full strength of Nazi opposition.

Originally published under the name Frank Geron © Zebra 1984

Beyond Valor on Kindle






CREDS: The I.R.S. Adventure, Episodes 1-4 (A Novel based on a true story)

“Do you want to know what goes on at the IRS? Or do you not want to know?” Danny “Creds” Shapiro wants to know and he may get killed for it. In the meantime, he’s impressing the hell out of his girlfriend…Maybe.

Creds on Kindle














Drastic Measures: An anthology of short fiction

GEORGE CLAYTON JOHNSON (Ocean’s Eleven, Logan’s Run) joins the print edition of Drastic Measures anthology of short fiction, volume I, to help spin tales of where the human mind goes when its cornered. New discovery MELISSA LYONS is the most powerful new voice in suspense since Dean Koontz with her story, “Snow.” Editor BEN PARRIS adds two stories of his own edited by Fantasy & Science Fiction contributor KEN ALTABEF. In “Murder in Songjiang”: All Brian wanted to do was teach English in China. All the U.S. State Department wanted of the CIA was a quiet investigation of how Brian got killed there. Espionage trainee Mike Spoto stood in the middle and cared about his training case too much for his own good.

ROBERT HORSEMAN presents “Déjà vu”: There are two kinds of déjà vu: The kind where you remember things that never happened, and the kind Daniel has; BRAD POST gives us “The Trees”: Sharon had second thoughts about her new husband Johnny. Her father detested the man, and the trees didn’t like either of them.

Those tales and more by new discoveries SUSAN DAVID, CATHY DOUGLAS, KATE LARKINDALE, MICHELLE D KEYES, and GERALD VINCENT. DAVID MACK (The 4400), who wrote the foreword for this volume, says, “You’re in for a wild ride.”

Print Edition | Kindle Edition


wash the spider outWash the Spider Out 

The follow up to Drastic Measures, an anthology of short fiction. People pushed to their limits reaching deep inside themselves to find resources they never dreamed they had, and pay a price for that discovery. The stories range from daily life to the extreme and the exotic, the range of things that can happen in a lifetime, and beyond, told from different perspectives. It’s the antidote to the world we live in.

Print Edition | Kindle Edition 





Praise for Irving A. Greenfield:

“ANCIENT OF DAYS is brutal, brilliant, raw, and ultimately true.” -The New York Post

Judah the Hammer, they called him. The leader in the story of one of the bloodiest repressions and uprisings in Jewish history, an uprising that overturned the relationship with their Greek overlords of the Seleucid Empire …those who stormed the temple in a surprise massacre and demanded no less than eradication of the Jewish religion. Bestselling author Irving A. Greenfield vividly illustrates how Judah and his brothers changed everything in a war for religious freedom, the astonishing events celebrated as the Festival of Lights.

Print Edition | Kindle Edition



MAF-cover-goldmanMars Armor Forged

The tiny colony at Mars launched during an Earth emergency sits uneasy, starved and hopeless until an astonishing chain of political intrigue lands it the Twenty-Eighth Winter Olympics in 2038. The risky venture nearly works until terrorists gain a formula to reignite the dormant volcano. Olympian skier Yves Loitte and skater Terri Finney find themselves in the middle of a power struggle that may end in the destruction of all they hold dear.

MARS ARMOR FORGED is a near-future techno thriller for those who love a hard SF showcase and the rich Mars subgenre.

Print Edition | Kindle Edition


only the dead speak russian 2Only the Dead Speak Russian

The staff of Moses has been passed down through the centuries, following only the worthiest of the bloodlines. Can the instrument that parted the Red Sea survive the Russian revolution and the modern day, and still remain in safe hands?

From bestselling author IRVING A. GREENFIELD comes a mystical adventure from Moscow to Siberia to New York, spanning three quarters of a century, both real and surreal, gritty, passionate and electrifying.

 Print Edition | Kindle Edition



the other mr. nedziThe Other Mr. Nedzi

Dan Nedzi is the most charming, lazy, arrogant, greedy, and annoying con man you’ll ever meet. He’s a legend in his own mind until he encounters… the other Mr. Nedzi.

Classic science fiction first published in Apex Digest in September 2005, and among the first stories to be picked up in Apex Magazine when it became a Science Fiction Writers of America (SFWA) qualifying short fiction venue in June 2008.

The Other Mr. Nedzi on Kindle




a play of darknessA Play of Darkness

Newly back in print by the author of ANCIENT OF DAYS, this is a spellbinding tale of sorcery, romance, and intrigue immersed in the blood drenched Spanish Inquisition of mid-17th Century Mexico.

From the mists of legend, priest – spirit – man Augustin Vasquez Ibanez appears in the occupied village of Oaxaca untouched by the raging conflict. He takes in a nameless boy to be trained in his dark, mysterious ways. The boy learns to read and write, rides through the world of hallucinogenic drugs, conjures storms, and falls tragically in love with a village girl. Then, when his people need him most, he calls upon one last surge of the old power…

A Play of Darkness on Kindle


return of the eagleReturn of the Eagle

Government and privateers clash in this adventure in the near future of space development. “While one was driven by greed, and another by hatred, the real threat came from the one sworn to loyalty.”

At a time when private space launches have finally become reality, Blueberry Lane Books found this short story more realistic and fresher than ever. First published in Farspace Anthology: Pt 1 in 2008, and reprinted in Nowa Fantastika in May 2010.

Return of the Eagle on Kindle



SNOWGIANTSthumbnailsizeSnow Giants Dancing

When religious fanaticism and hate are brought to a boil and the Snow Giants begin to dance, fear becomes a reality and death follows.

Author of over 300 books, Dr. Irving A. Greenfield’s THE ANCIENT OF DAYS spent 6 weeks on the bestseller list, and his book TAGGET was made into a television movie starring Daniel J. Travanti.

Snow Giants Dancing on Kindle




Kreindia of AKOA Bowker Cover 50 percentmorium

The long-awaited sequel to Wade of Aquitaine.

“One day Kreindia would tell her children that this was the very moment she swore to the empress that she would overcome her limitations, return to Wade, and drive a sword into anything that stood between them.”


Wade kindle coverWade of Aquitaine

Deep in the Dark Ages, with Vikings to the north and Aghlabid pirates to the south, a small flicker of the Roman Empire has been nurtured as an island of high civilization. Defeated Longobards scheme to bring it down from within. If Byzantium falls 600 years too soon, nothing of western civilization will survive to spark the Renaissance. Enter Wade Linwood of the 21st Century. Suffering of crossed senses where scents can conjure objects and sights can call up tastes, he wants nothing but the ordinary life of an insurance underwriter. When a trip to the acupuncturist opens an unused portal in his synesthete’s brain, a plea from the past draws him to a time when he must save the remaining shreds of history to preserve his own.

“Wade of Aquitaine is wonderfully well-written and exciting, an interesting and insightful volume that makes you say to yourself we’ve got a smart guy writing this. Ben Parris understands the challenge that a writer has, to write sentences that nobody ever wrote before.”

–George Clayton Johnson (Oceans Eleven, Twilight Zone Movie, Logan’s Run)

Print Edition | Wade of Aquitaine Book One Kindle Edition 


wade of synstheseWade the Synesthete 

Wade Linwood peered into the hallucinogenic world of his crossed senses and a corner of the Dark Ages peered back at him.

THE AQUITANIAN CHRONICLES are a special series of short stories that tell the back story of each of the characters in WADE OF AQUITAINE. The next story in this chronology is KREINDIA THE STRANGE.

THE AQUITANIAN CHRONICLES: WADE THE SYNESTHETE takes us back to when Wade was just a college student facing a life threatening crisis, and not yet a hero. Before his ordeal is over, he must become one.

Wade of Synesthete on Kindle


kreindia the strangeKreindia the Strange

Kreindia of Amorium is a teenage girl growing up in 9th century Constantinople who must bear the responsibility of Byzantium’s future and all possible futures. Her coming of age triggers dangerous visions of mysterious places as the pleated fabric of time connects her to a fellow synesthete in the 21st century. As her uncle battles for control of the kingdom, she learns of a family history that changes everything.

THE AQUITANIAN CHRONICLES: KREINDIA THE STRANGE introduces Kreindia at a point prior to her appearance in the novel WADE OF AQUITAINE. One of a special introductory series of short stories, It is second in the chronology of THE AQUITANIAN CHRONICLES following WADE THE SYNESTHETE.

Each of the chronicles provides the back story of one or more characters in the series WADE OF AQUITAINE.

Kreindia the Strange on Kindle


walk smartWalk Smart, Walk Thin

WALK SMART WALK THIN: YOUR MINI-GUIDE TO A BETTER SLIM by Tyne Everett is 8,000 words of gold, containing 4 Fantastic Benefits of Walking, 5 Myths About Exercise That Prevent Exercise, 5 Rules About Your Outfit, The Magic Mirror exercise that can change your life, and more.

“Short and sweet. Sensible and well-researched. Wild horses couldn’t drag me away from Tyne Everett’s sage advice.” —Mara Kallum (Writing.com)

Walk Smart, Walk Thin on Kindle




wipers the watch and christmasWipers, The Watch and Christmas

“Just when he thought he would finally get at his consolation amongst all the misery, two foreign voices rose out of the stony quiet…”

All looked hopeless in the cruel trenches of World War One. The British part of the line had saved a town called Ypres (which they pronounced “Wipers”) and there they dug in and stayed. Soldiers didn’t even dare think of the holidays; they’d been warned not to. War was no place for Christmas. Or was it? The true story of a Scottish World War One soldier and the Christmas Truce of 1914 gathered from numerous accounts and research of one man’s witness to a miracle.

Wipers, The Watch and Christmas on Kindle


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