Former Tax Investigator Renders Realistic Portrayal of the IRS in the Novel Creds: The I.R.S. Adventure


NEW YORK, December 15, 2015

Given the current speculation about doing away with the IRS, the novel, “Creds: The I.R.S. Adventure,” (Blueberry Lane Books) based on a true story by former U.S. Treasury Department investigator Ben Parris, could not be more timely.


The product of a long and winding career in law enforcement’s arcane forensic accounting, the novel tells the tale of field agent Danny “Creds” Shapiro, an intelligent and honest man working his way through the ranks of the IRS who, in fighting for his dream job and his dream girl, instead finds himself caught in the crossfire of political scandal, office intrigue, and revenge-seeking criminals.


“Working at the U.S. Treasury Department and trying to do the right thing could be dangerous,” Ben Parris said.


Creds is the fourth full-length novel for Ben Parris, lining up a mix of humor, romance, mystery, and intrigue. Author Ken Altabef raves, “It’s [Parris’] best work to date. It’s part memoir, part caricature, part action, and a whole lotta funny.”


The complete version of Creds: The I.R.S. Adventure will be available on Amazon Kindle and paperback by Christmas 2015.



Praise for Ben Parris:


“Ben Parris understands the challenge that a writer has, to write sentences that nobody ever wrote before.”

~GEORGE CLAYTON JOHNSON (New York Times bestselling author of Ocean’s Eleven)

“The plot of Creds is sexy like JLo’s buns.”

~JODEE BLANCO (New York Times bestselling author of Please Stop Laughing at Me)


About Blueberry Lane Books: Blueberry Lane Books was established in 2007 as the first Amazon-age independent press producing novels and short story collections in print and electronic platforms.

Author Ben Parris is available for interviews.

Contact: Jessica Frazier