INFLUXWEBIMAGEsmIn Flux: an anthology of short speculative fiction.

Stories of people with power they should not have in a universe that will not suffer it.

Collection includes both those whose power derives from a device, and those who draw it from within themselves.

Deadline: November 30, 2017








The Nonprofit Breadwinner

From the introduction:
If to your ear, the notion of a nonprofit breadwinner sounds like a contradiction in terms, then you need this book more than anyone. Nonprofit never meant “no income,” and this multi-billion dollar industry has not been restricted to paltry sums of money. In fact, the concept of a breadwinner has far greater currency in nonprofit organizations than it does in the corporate profit world.


  • The Five Fundamentals of Networking
  • Why People Give
  • How to Evaluate a Grant and much more!